Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This blog will contain all the information you need to learn about, schedule & achieve the BEST airbrushed tan! Of course, you can always call, text or e-mail me with questions, but this will cover the basics!

how much does it cost?
full body:
$20 cash, check or cards
$150 10 pass punch card {$5 per tan savings}

legs only or face only:
$10 cash or check

how long does it last?
depending on how much you shower, sweat, and your skin, your tan should last from 6-12 days.

how does it work?
I have a machine with a nozzle that looks like a paint sprayer, that sprays you with a fine mist of tanning solution. it's not a booth, i actually spray you by hand, just like painting a car.

will I be orange?
nope! we can actually customize your color based on your natural skin tones and the desired look you want. some colors have more red, for a more intense look and some colors are more tan, for a natural look. i also have different percentages of darkness.

does it stink?
no! thank goodness. one of the reasons I chose this line of products is that they are actually scented! there is a slight "tanning" smell that will appear about 4 hours after you are sprayed, but it goes away with your first shower.

what do i wear?
whatever you are comfortable in. you can use the disposable panties that i have, you can wear your own panties, swimsuit, or shorts and tank top, or nothing at all. most people prefer to wear the disposable panties and go topless, but if you feel nervous... wear what you want! i promise i won't think you're fat and you'll be WAY happier with no lines.

how long does it take?
from the time you get to the salon until you leave, plan on about 15 minutes. a few minutes to undress, about 8 minutes to get sprayed, and a few minutes to get dressed again.

where do i go?
located in fiddlers plaza in suite #106. enter through the main entrance on the south side of the building. look for the brown sugar sign on the door!
{1760 N Main, Suite #106}

who will spray me?
me. this is just something i started for fun, to offer friends and friends of friends.

can guys do it?
sure! you just have to keep your clothes on. i have some mid-thigh length basketball shorts you can wear that i take home and wash. it's not weird for me - and if you want your wife or girlfriend to come, that's fine. it's hard to get that "shirtless tan" look without a little head start!

how should i prepare?
best case scenario is that you shower before you come. shave well. exfoliate. don't use ANY lotion, deodorant or makeup on your skin. i know it will feel weird, but that's how you'll get the best results! if you can't do that, i have some sluff wipes that kind of "eliminate" whatever is on your skin.
after you are sprayed, there will be a semi-sticky residue on your skin. it will stain your clothes a little bit, so i usually wear the same thing every time i go to get sprayed.
if you can't do all that, it's really no biggie. lots of people have found that it doesn't make a difference.

then what?
you need to wait 6-8 hours to shower. when i spray you, you will instantly be tan because there is a bronzer in the solution. the "real tan" doesn't appear for several hours. you will seem REALLY tan before you shower and you will see the bronzer rinse off in the water.
some clients like to be sprayed in the morning and then shower that night. others like to be sprayed in the evening so they can shower in the morning.

i suggest you rinse the palms of your hands when you get home. you will touch your skin as you get dressed and rinsing will help you avoid tan hands.

obviously the less you shower, sweat and rub your skin the longer the tan will last. make sure you moisturize like crazy!

what else?
be prepared to be addicted!
if you sleep the first night with the bronzer on, your sheets will stain a little - it comes out.
it's 100% safe.
it's not sunscreen - you still need to protect your skin!

how do i get an appointment?
contact me {Kara} by text, email or phone for an appointment!
i have day & evenings available.
i'll be happy to accommodate special events so you look amazing!


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